Discover the biggest and most diverse collection of neckties in Europe!

Back in the 1930s Michaelis started out as a specialized neckwear company in the Netherlands. Over the years it grew into one of the biggest and most prominent neckwear designers in Europe.

Today we carry on that tradition and every season we bring a new and fresh collection of designs. Even though the necktie is the men's accessory most associated with a professional look, our collection offers a striking design for every necktie connoisseur. Our collection encompasses multiple materials such as silk and wool with a great assortment of designs and colours such as white, black, blue and striped ties. Our neckties are available in a modern narrow look as well as a more classical broad version.

Every tie we make has been designed with the greatest care and are decades long experience. Our ties are produced to the highest standards and are beautiful luxurious products that are wonderful to wear.

Browse the collection and see our great selection of colors and patterns.

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115 Item(s)  |