Brown braided casual leather belt

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Brown braided casual leather belt

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What is my size?

how to find the right size

also applicable to pullovers

At Michaelis we believe that the numbers tell the tale. Holding your breath while wearing your shirt is an option, but definitely not ideal. Take 5 minutes to measure your size right away. This will make shopping a lot easier, leaving you with more time for the fun things in life!

  • michaelis fit

    To make things easier, all of our shirts are slim-fit. Each collar-size is combined with a unique body-size, increasing the chances of you finding the perfect shirt. The Michaelis slim-fit shirt is developed for a modern, fitted look, while remaining comfortable.

  • how to measure yourself?

    Measuring yourself can be a challenge, so perhaps someone can assist you. To determine your size, you need 4 measurements. Grab your measuring tape and follow the steps below.

1. collar

Place the measuring tape around your neck, right where the top of your collar would usually sit. Hold one finger between your neck and the tape, leaving some space for comfort. This measurement is leading if you intend to close the top button (i.g. with tie or bowtie).

2. chest

Put your arms up in the air and measure your chest extent from about 5 centimeters below your armpits.

3. waist

Measure your abdominal extent at the widest point, which is usually at your navel. Make sure to do this in a relaxed state, so don’t hold your belly.

4. sleeve

This measurement is important when your arms are longer than average. Measure from the bone on top of your shoulder to your wrist. Please note: Michaelis shirts already have slightly longer sleeves.

size chart

Use the chart below to find the right size for your torso. Always go for the biggest size if your measurements differ. For example: if you have chest-size 104 but waist-size 100, make sure to choose a 41 instead of 40. Of course, you may have deviating sizes. In that case our customer service will be more than happy to help you. You can even drop us a message through WhatsApp! Add +31 611 226 056 to Whatsapp to contact us or mail to

pullover sizesSMLXLXXL
shirt sizes 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
1. Collar 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
2. Chest < 94 95-97 98-102 103-105 106-108 109-112 13-116 117-120 121>124
3. Waist <88 89-91 92-94 95-97 98-100 101-104 105-110 110-116 >117
4. Sleeve <66 <66 <66 <66 <67 <67 <67 <67 <67
extra long sleeve >66 >66 >66 >66 >68 >68 >68 >68 >68

does my shirt have the right fit?

Received your shirt but still not sure if the size is right? These do’s & don’ts will help you out.

1. collar

When wearing your collar closed, it should close nicely around your neck. Not too tight, but definitely not too loose either. If you can put your finger exactly in between you’ve got the right size on your hands.

2. chest

Slim-fit means your shirt is nicely fitted, while remaining comfortable. There should neither be too much pressure on the buttons, nor too much space at the waist.

3. shoulder

Another way of checking whether you’ve got the right size, is by looking at the shoulder seam, which should be exactly on your shoulder’s edge.

4. sleeve

There are different opinions on sleeve-length. If you ask us, the perfect sleeve should end exactly between wrist and hand. If a part of your wrist is still visible, you should consider a shirt with extra long sleeves.

did you find the right size?

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Fabric Real leather

Full grain Buffalo leather with an authentic look.

Fit & size 4.0 cm

The best way to find out your belt size is to measure the length between the buckle and the third hole. As you are supposed to always wear your belt on the third hole. Our belts have a hand screw so you can easily adjust the size of the belt yourself.

Style Casual
Design Solid
Width 4,0 cm
Colour Brown
Quality Leather
Article number PM2R00031